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Recent questions tagged testseries

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0 answers 8 views
asked 4 days ago in Databases Priyansh Singh 12 points 8 views
0 votes
0 answers 9 views
Is following grammar has language which is inherently ambiguous? $S \rightarrow aaAb | aab | A$ $A \rightarrow aaAb | aAb | \epsilon$ I think that this grammar has unambiguous grammar as follow. Let's first rewrite the grammar as below such that this grammar has same ... have to perform $S \rightarrow A$. Please help me with this. I want to know whether this language is inherenly ambigous or not?
asked Sep 13 in Compiler Design Vimal Patel 199 points 9 views
0 votes
0 answers 4 views
Consider th following cases for quick sort to sort an array of n element $a[0...n-1]$ i) Choosing the pivot element randomly from the given array ii) choosing median element as pivot. Iii) Choosing middle element as pivot For which of the above cases quick sort always gives $O(nlogn)$ time complexity?
asked Sep 11 in Algorithms `JEET 144 points 4 views
0 votes
2 answers 17 views
For the below message number of bits required in Huffman Coding is: abbaabccdabcd
asked Sep 11 in Algorithms `JEET 144 points 17 views
0 votes
0 answers 5 views
Here is my approach: Initial all block are empty - {100,500,200,450,600} When 212 request come then blocks size after allocation - {100,288,200,450,600} When 417 request come then - {100,288,200,33,600} When 112 request come then - {100,176,200,33,600 ... sufficient space so first fit fails here Thats my approach but in given solution first fits work well. Please tell the were i am doing wrong..
asked Sep 7 in Operating System sagar2405 87 points 5 views
0 votes
0 answers 11 views
Consider the following schema: Producer (pid, pname) Part (id, name, color) Category (pid, id) “Find the pids of producer who produces every black and white part”. Which of the following given options is a correct implementation of the above statement? Answer is given as But i think the given query is wrong. Please anyone suggest the correct answer.
asked Sep 5 in Databases vishal burnwal 7 points 11 views
0 votes
0 answers 8 views
Consider the instance of a relation sailors is given below: Number of tuples return when the SQL query is executed on the given instance of the relation ________. Answer is given as 4. But i think the correct answer should be 8 beacuse untill and unless we will use distinct keyword the duplicacy is allowed in sql output.
asked Sep 5 in Databases vishal burnwal 7 points 8 views
0 votes
2 answers 22 views
What is the time complexity for finding maximum profit in Greedy fractional knapsack algorithm if number of items are N= $2^{n}$ ? O(n log n) O($n^{2}$log n) O($2^{n}$) O(n.$2^{n}$)
asked Aug 4 in Algorithms Sambhrant Maurya 204 points 22 views
–1 vote
1 answer 12 views
What is the best way in which we can attempt the exam?
asked Jul 28 in GATE Priyansh Singh 12 points 12 views
0 votes
0 answers 11 views
Please provide the step by step explanation for this question as few things are more confusing here. #include <stdio.h> #define PRINT(format, x) printf(#x " = %" #format "\n", x) int integer = 5; char character = '5'; char *string = "5"; main() { PRINT(d, string); PRINT(d, character); ... = 2 ux = 37777777776 x/2 = 1 ux/2 = 2147483647 x/2 = 1 ux >> 1 = 17777777777 x >> 1 = 1 ux >> 1 = 2147483647
asked Jul 15 in Programming `JEET 144 points 11 views
0 votes
0 answers 11 views
The output of following code is: #include<stdio.h> char* foo(char *s) { char *s1 = s; while(*s1!=0) { (*s1)++; s1++; } return s; } int main() { char *str = "GATEFORUM"; printf("%s", foo(str)); return 0; } (A) GATEFORUM (B) HBUFGPSVN (C) ... answer is B but here in function foo() s1 is pointing to a string constant ( GATEFORUM ) which cannot be modified. So (*s1)++ should throw an error right?
asked Jul 14 in Programming Sambhrant Maurya 204 points 11 views
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