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What is exact syllabus for BITSHD? From where to solve questions(I know there are no PYQ for BITSHD)? I have Voldemorts ( RRR BBB   RRRR) lectures.

I appeared for GATE CSE 2020. I had enrolled for R B R lectures in Feb 2019….had high hopes. Content was good. Learned a lot about Computer Science...but I procrastinated so much...I spent hours watching Youtube videos, ****, lazing around…. :’( I also had 7th semester lab/theory exams etc...I chose to not sit for any placements as I am sure those 2-4 LPA jobs must be hell. My GATE prep was basically on off.

Study hard one study for few days….little here..little there. I feel terrible right now. I had actually purchased  R B R course for two years(just in case...and 8th Feb proved my fears right). But once my semester exams ended in Jan second week...I studied like a mad man….12 hours a day from Jan 14 to Feb 7….but in the end it seems like I shall only be getting 20-30 ish marks…

Aptitude was obviously super easy. 14 there. But the fact that I am only expecting 30 ish… says a lot. I was only able to do some tech questions. The technical ones I am sure of are the BST order one, matrix rank one,router packet one,OS scheduling question,SQL Query 4 one,mux lines 5,44 kb congestion , 13.3 ns one, BCNF one,logic 2 marks one, digital 14567 one,IP address one, 14 instruction one, best first hole one and maybe a few others(I think a couple of my guesses were correct from watching analysis on Youtube)…

Now for the rest of the questions I just guessed blindly. The last 5 mins I just went around looking at the sea of red palettes and ticking on some option or typing some intuitive number for the answer...I feel extremely dumb for not typing 81 for the C programming (3,4) function one… :’( I typed 12 lol also for the MST one I typed 100 :’( apparently its 99. I just guessed. I felt terrible while making those guesses. Like what the hell was I doing? I know there were no negative marks there but still….thankfully many of the questions were NAT so no negative marks...but I have already found out at least 5 marks negative marks for some of the guesses I made. Although the ones I actually spent time on doing...I got correct. Still feels bad. TOC I had solved all previous year questions. But I didn’t have a firm enough grasp on the properties. I thought whatever question from ToC comes I’ll be able to sit and eliminate options...but it was not so…everyone was producing 111,11111,1 lol :’(
What I am having trouble understanding is...why was I not able to do the TLB / cache questions? I considered paging my strong suit...was able to solve most PYQ MMU questions first try...although took time. Same with pipelining. I thought pipelining was easy...but just got blown away during the exam by the question  :’( :’( I prepared hard for OS. I love OS ,DBMS , CN. But I was not able to understand what to do with the dirty bit thing :’( I know what a dirty bit is but applying it in combination with a lengthy question on paging….was too much for me :’(

I always knew Algo would murder me. And it definitely did. I understand how the algorithms work when someone explains them on video with animations. But honestly I have never actually written Quick sort by myself or heap sort(had CS in HS and did write Bubble and selection sort though,and I CAN code programs like palindrome and primes but those I have been able to do since class I am in 8th sem and still not progressed much in actual coding)...because in our college labs we just pasted the code from google :’( I can trace out the algorithms on paper for a given input though. But for GATE level questions like the 1023 elements one….I was able to derive that we could have 512 elements in the leaves...but then got mixed up with the Min max tournament method and did 3n/2 – 2(768?I was so dumb to type that..clearly 511 is way less) lol like wtf right? we were only supposed to find max so 511 would clearly be the answer but alas...exam time brain farts. I really want to be good at algorithms. I mean I don’t think I am bad at them I can definitely tell whats going on with all the sorts...But like I ignored coding completely for the past year since it’s not in GATE syllabus. But I did solve plenty of what will be the output of code questions….all for nothing as the 2 C output questions that came….I panicked and was worried that I was spending too much time on them so just guessed since they were NAT.

I had this goal of like….cracking the exam to get into top institute and then life will be chill for a few months till classes start...that time I will play video games, watch Netflix for 5 hrs daily and practice coding rest of day and become a semi competitive programmer at least. That was what I wanted to do from 9th Feb to August(or whenever IIT Mtech starts). Chill and code. That’s why I poured 14 hours daily into GATE prep after Jan 15. But people had been preparing 7 hours daily for an year or more (I also did that..but on 1 out of 4 or 5 days). I didn’t deserve IIT.

But NOW I AM READY FOR REDEMPTION(I thought I would play RDR2 and Death Stranding or watch Money Heist after GATE if it went well...I want to play good games without any worry,so postponed till I get CSE Pilani in BITSHD or crack IIIT H lol). I CAN PUT IN 12 HOURS DAILY TILL JUNE. I AM IN 8TH SEM NOW. Only 3 subjects. Can deal with them easily. Yeah I do have a college group final year project but it’s not too hard. Maybe a couple days worth of time required for that MAX. Could someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how exactly I must study for BITSHD and PGEE(from what I have heard they are pretty similar exams,IIITH seems tougher due to interview,still will give it a shot)? I want to work HARD AND SMART. But what exactly does that entail? I know my weaknesses are these:

i)how many comparison will it take to do <this>? type questions...not sure how to rectify this though. I know the time complexities of all algos and a kind of clear idea as to why they are what they are and can trace out the algorithms...but these questions always puzzle me.

ii)extremely large questions about Page tables and dirty bits and write backs and write throughs with multi level / inverted page table stuff lel how do I not be intimidated by such questions and how do I get comfortable with them? I know there are quite a few intimidating GATE PYQ questions like these and I am not a noob at them seriously. I do know about virtual addresses and physical addresses and how the translation is done, the structure of the address and the mapping...but I get uncomfortable with “bringing the data from and to memory and when to do it and when not to when talking about all these dirty and modified and invalid bits...practice moar???

iii)huge pipelining questions...I can do small pipelining questions...I can even do the HUGE operand forwarding questions with ADD sub...but GATE 2020 CS question puzzled me(5 stage wala)

iv)Large questions about cache...small ones are no problem...but large ones..I sometimes get confused about what data is actually needed...maybe more conceptual clarity required?

v)ToC...remembering all those properties..though this I guess is more of tables ko rat na?? so mug up the properties?seems improper na? I can construct DFA’s  and minimize them and can do NFA to DFA tho :P I got 6 as answer btw for min states question

vi)Compiler design: I get intimidated by having to construct those “”items”” lol like so many ovals and arrows going here there and keeping track of whether I am missing some production grrr how to fix this???? I think practice right?

vii)LILAC question from yesterday… WTF how do I be ready for that?

and maybe a few others….but if I would have fixed these things….I could have gotten IIT’s from yesterday’s exam. But it’s over now. NEED TO ABSOLUTELY KILL BITSHD AND PGEE. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GRRRR >_< X’D

HELPPP please!! Thanks!!
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For Algorithm, Combinatorics(many other question like LILAC question in this years paper), and for TOC I think you would be pretty good if you solve the questions from respective standard books. Most question from them which are relevant as syllabus.

If you think I'm just giving a suggestion- just consider the case that CLR contains question about deriving the proof (not just formula) for minimum number of comparisons needed in various cases like merging two sorted arrays, finding min/max simultaneously etc. So I strongly think that if you solve(if time permits as you exam is just in 4 months) you would be very well to go.

All the best for you preparation.

I second every word of what Vimal said. There is no alternative to standard text books when it comes to formal subjects like Combinatorics, Algorithms, TOC and Compilers. You may think online videos, geeksforgeeks, shortcuts posted on GO, etc will help you crack things in a short time. But please realize that these resources will help you sharpen your approach only after you get the subject matter right. Even NPTEL, I will never suggest anyone solely depend on the videos. Always keep a textbook+calculator+notebook alongside and follow along, like you would in a real classroom. Else it is nothing short of watching a movie.

If there were shortcuts for these kind of subjects, believe me - research institutions like IISc would have shut shop a long time ago. Stick to the text books. Systems subjects are a different thing and you can get away with piecing together notes from random sources.

And finally, you need to chill the heck out. You're still in the 8th sem and there are many more tries of Gate available to you, if you're interested. Value education does not come with a deadline, don't force one on yourself.

Also, RDR2 is amazing and you should be ashamed you haven't finished it yet :/

Here's what I am doing now:

watch R B R lectures on weak topic(at 2x since I have already seen them all) and then attempt to solve all exercises of that topic from a standard text book...if I can't, then read that topic from book and again try

repeat for all topics in syllabus

although I have one question....aren't there like thousands of exercises in each book?is there a way to filter which exercises to do ? I mean I'll do 10000 exercises if that's whats required but..."smart work" right? :P

You should watch those "lectures" if and only if you're from a non-CS background and don't know WTH the CS syllabus is all about. Since you've already watched them once, you should know what the topics are by now, and hopefully you also made notes. And you should have some familiarity with some of the problem types too. So there is absolutely no need to waste dozens of hours again watching them. If you're doing the same thing repeatedly (watching the same videos, reading the same book, etc) with hopes of magically waking up enlightened one day - I guarantee all you're doing is spinning your wheels and going nowhere.

aren't there like thousands of exercises in each book?

So ? Just by looking at them you should be able to tell if its relevant to Gate or a little too deep. Either way, you won't lose anything by attempting to solve them. Studying is just 30%. You need practice too. Sign up for a couple of test series, take all the previous year Gate papers as mock tests on GO, attempt some of the mentor tests on GO, etc. There's literally so many resources around - for free - that you should have no excuse other than "i don't want to".


Yes I am familiar with most of the problem types....but I didn't make any notes :'( I revised for GATE by watching those videos at 2x speed.

Are these notes good for revision? 

so revise these notes and solve many many many questions?right?

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