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soujanyareddy13 posted Oct 13, 2020 edited Nov 15, 2020 by soujanyareddy13
by soujanyareddy13
5 points

Hi, I am mentioning some of the guidelines to users.

  1. Mention the source of the question in the title. like ACE test series, Madeeasy test series, Peterlinz chapter 1 edition 4 etc. ( Copyright issues should be faced by you only if someone raises an objection. 
  2. Questions will not be approved or will be hidden, if you didn’t mention the source of the questions.
  3. Please add appropriate tags to the question.
  4. Please check for duplicates by using google custom search in and, due to most of the test series questions are already uploaded and have good discussions, worthy answers. So your time and others time will be saved from repetitive discussions.
  5. Don’t post test series questions as self doubt questions due to answers not matching with you or some step not understood in the given solution by you.
  6. Self doubt means you’re not understanding some line or some derivation step, some paragraph while reading some text book, some authorized resource.
  7. Please clearly mention your doubt with respect to the question, don’t just upload the questions and ask what is the output or answer. Just elaborate where you got stuck while solving it, because of that, it’s very easy to understand what’s your problem by other community members.
  8. Don’t post comments as answers and post answers with some explanation.
  9. Don’t post questions as Blog.
  10. New users don’t post your question as twice or thrice. Your questions,comments and answers need to be approved by some moderator until then those are not visible to others.
  11. Try to post questions as text format instead of screenshot. Because of that checking duplicate questions will be easy. 

Your account will be blocked if you do anything annoying even after some warning.

Shaik Masthan posted Sep 8, 2020
by Shaik Masthan
1,577 points
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