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CN doubt:
AT network layer, is there any congestion control or not??
As in IP protocol there is no congestion control at network layer but there is congestion control at network layer in ATM NETWORK protocol.

So if question comes in gate then which way we stick ??

I am wrong at above points. Please help
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congestion can be either logical or physical   Meanwhile, insufficient bandwidtha resource shortageon physical links between routers and the network can also be a bottleneck, resulting in congestion. Resource shortage can occur

  • At the link layer , where the link bandwidth runs out

  • At the network layer , where the queues of packets at nodes go out of control

  • At the transport layer , where logical links between two routers within a communication session go out of control

Control the rate at which packets are sent (not just how many). Widely used in ATM networks.

Leaky Bucket Algorithm used to control rate in a datagram network.


we will not follow ATM network concept in gate

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