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Consider the following table P and Q .In table P, A is Primary key and B is foreign key referencing C in table Q with on delete Cascade.In table Q C is primary key and D is foreign key referencing A in table P with on delete order to delete record (2,6) from the table P.the number of additional records that need to be deleted from table Q ia/are:________.

1 1
2 6
7 2
5 6
8 9
6 5
9 6
1 1
6 2
2 1
9 7
5 9
7 1

Last row of P is blanck by mistake it is added..ignore it)

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I get answer--> 2 . It is true?

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As you will Delete P(2,6) now the row in Q which have D value 2 will get deleted as On delete Cascade is applied.

P(2,6)-Q(6,2)-P(5,6),P(9,6)-Q(5,9)-P(6,5) so from Q 2 data get deleted.
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