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Hi Guys,


I am working int IT and have 5 years of experience in QA domain. I just started preparing for Gate 2022 as i don't see much scope in my domain and wanted to pursue masters from IIT so that i can get better opportunities. Please help me it is wise to do Masters from IIT with 6 -7 years of experience and does it creates any problems in placements. Suggestions are welcome
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Short answer :

No problem. No good company cares about your age Or gap. Only your knowledge in their written exam and interview will matter. Your work experience might be a bit of benefit for you.

Now You can wait for long detailed answer Or you can start preparation of GATE 2022 right away.
Just to add, if you find algorithms, data structures, c programming and discrete mathematics difficult better go for GRE and MS abroad. Infact if you are good in English you can get PR in Australia/Canada where CS people are paid well.

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