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Identify lexical, syntax and semantic errors from the following C program. Write line number, error message, and type of the error for each error in the program 


01: float Factorial(int N) {

02:   float F;

03:   F==1;

04:   while(i<F)

05:        F*=i;

06:   return F

07: }

08: Void mane()

09:   integer r;

10:   r=Factorial(5);

11:   IF(r>0)

12:      PrintResult(r);

13: }

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Lexical Errors:

Line no. 9, no such keyword as integer

Syntactic error:

Line no. 6 Semicolon is missing

Line no. 8 opening brace is missing

Line no. 9 two identifiers can’t follow each other (integer is a valid identifier)

Semantic error:

Line no. 5 i is undeclared

Line no. 5 i should be incremented, F *= i++ would fix this

Line no. 10 r is undeclared

Line no. 11 IF is an undeclared identifier

Line no. 12 PrintResult is not defined

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line 11: IF can be a function, rt ?

may it undeclared.


line 4 : it may lead to infinite loop, you can't catch it.

line 9 : two identifiers can possible, if by using typedef we declare integer as int
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