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Hello I am a third year student. I had been a GATE aspirant since first year of my B Tech. I had strategy of slowly studying the standard textbooks for each subject in depth and then viewing the online video lectures of a so called god father of CSE (I won’t name anyone) such that I get to know how to solve problems of GATE or what tricks could be used to solve questions easily. Around 7 or 8 months ago, I got to know that 3rd year students can also give gate exams. At that moment, (during the lock down) I tried to speed up my learning. I started watching only the videos of that teacher and did not read the standard textbooks for the subjects which were unknown to me completely(like OS, CD, DBMS, CN), as I simply had no time to do so from standard text books, but I actually studied all the videos for each and every subject. After completing each subject, as the teacher said revision was important, so I starting revising from the handwritten notes which other students had provided freely on the internet.
Moreover I found certain things in the lectures exclusively, like unlabeled binary trees etc. These things where not present in any standard texts. Within mid of December the entire syllabus was completed (mostly as far as the videos are concerned and not much from the std text, except for the subject which were done by me, till date from standard books,like C, DS, Algo, etc, the subjects done till the end of 2nd year in our B tech). I solved all the PYQ for each subject from 2020 to around 1995. I was more or less confident,
I gave GATE 2021, but the main problem was that I made a bit more of silly mistakes. Mostly 2 marks questions, like forgot to type in – in the 7.75, in the TCP window size, for got to divide the answer by 2 to get 50.05, just got 101, and much more silly mistakes, had I not made them, my exam would have been much more better.
Moreover the video lectures of that person were not that nice especially for those subjects which involve even a bit of mathematics, like a very proof lecture series on graph theory, discrete mathematics, group theory etc.
Anyways now I m targeting for GATE 2022 .I have realized that these videos fine but not enough to score 100% in a paper. (One’s aim should be 100%. then only he can be sure that even if some tricky questions come, he is able to solve the rest)Moreover the videos lacked many concepts CD, COA and much much more.
I have decided to continue my old strategy of reading standard text books, But the problem is that the standard text books are quite huge, and I am a very very slow learner.
I have got a set of PDFs from Sir Manu Thakur, of the standard subject, but they do not have graph theory or group theory in them, Even the book recommendations of gateoverflow site, does not say about group theory and very less is said about graph theory. I have picked up graph theory of douglas west and plan to read the entire first section of the book, because I feel that graph theory is a very important topic and building intuition shall help to solve the unknown or unseen graph problems in GATE.
So here am just asking for help from all the people out here, pls suggest the roadmap and strategy to begin with and also the resources for each subject
Standard books and which nptel lectures are best for which subject as there are so many available.
If someone can guide me how to proceed with standard content what to do, how much and from where then i will be very thankful. ( Probably the notes of Manu Thakur sir shall help in most of them, but could have been better, if someone gives a list of the recommendations as below: Moreover Manu Sir’s notes are not that complete for group theory or graph theory)
 | C programming      |     Dennis Richie, 2nd ed.  |    Full book                         |
|  OS                          |    Galvin, 8th edition          | Chapter A. pages x to y    |
| OS                           |    Tanenbaum , #rd ed.     | Chapter B, pages a to b     |
Thanking you all in anticipation.
Looking for some really helping responses
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I think you are going way out of syllabus here, graph theory and group theory are huge subjects, nobody is going to test that in 3 hours. I don’t even remember if a good question in GATE was asked about rings or fields, and graph theory from gate point of view is also limited to a few topics.

Aside from that I think what you’re looking for is this, make sure to check GATE syllabus for any changes.


Thanks a lot for sharing  this . But the book for Computer Network uses Kurose and Ross, but I do not have that book physically, I have the Forouzan text (3rd edition). [Is there any guidance for following Forouzan?)

Btw from where did you get that material? (Just asking such that if there are more related useful materials /alternatives, then I would like to have a look at them)

Rings and fields, I hope are not in syllabus. But group theory is there, (this year 2021 had a question about groups,and since I did not know a property completely, [ “a group is cycle iff it has prime order”: the teacher had taught it partially, gave only the one sided implication and it made me answer the question incorrectly]) that’s why I was asking, for a good resource for group theory as well (video or concise text form std book)

And for grapht theory, there are at times questions like, line graph and all, and without prior knowledge about, it is quite difficult to figure out the concept from a one-two line definiton given in the question in GATE.

Moreover as per the trends, I see questions about graph theory, from the algorithm point of view, such as if T is a DFS tree of a graph G then which of the following statements are true? for these I feel I need more grasp over graph theory,

I am inexperienced and might be wrong from my point of view.

Anyways once again thanks for helping with this.

I don’t remember but the source but I recommend you check (if you haven’t already :p)

I would not suggest to read standard textbooks for all subjects and going for NPTEL for gate is not a wise utilization of time. Both of these will give you immense knowledge and mastery in every subject but the question is do you really need that for GATE? Because if you do a PhD in every topic of every subject it will be extremely difficult for you to revise and remember those at the end. Memorize the gate syllabus first. Check the level of questions from past year. 

So my advice would be to join online coaching class of any reputed institute. You will know spot on what is needed for GATE and how much of that is needed. Read the notes which you will make from the online courses. So complete online videos within 6 months and make really good notes.

Next 6 months, revise and start writing test series. Then see you will get stuck at some kind of questions which means you have not understood them. Read your notes again and still if you are unable to solve then refer a textbook or any other video for that particular topic. Complete all the test series and take at least 2 test series and revise everything. Make short notes from your notes for the D day. 

The books which you should read would be: OS by Galvin, Solve examples from Kenneth Rosen, Refer Hamacher for “some” concepts of COA and read Furouzan for CN. Reading Douglas west for graph theory and similar books for mastery in each topic is not needed at all to secure a 100% of marks!! Prepare smartly, all the best!


 , I think you did not read my post fully! I have already taken a course of “gate educator”. Those were enough for scoring in the 60-70. But I am not satisfied with it. One needs more knowledge. As already stated I have gone through the old papers from 2020 to around 1995 or so.

Moreover these “GATE educators” teach some fine concepts wrong, or difficult concepts are not even picked up like, split phasing, operand forwarding logic, pipeline collision, MAL, page coloring, etc. But there has been questions from these topics in previous papers, while mathematics is present in nicks and nacs of cs, cetain educators, are not good at it and tries to skip them to a great extent.

So no more online, only offline. :P

 Anyways thanks for the advice


I never said to do your preparation fully offline or fully online. In my opinion it is a mix of both. Plus I don’t think any one “gate educator” can get you a score of 100 but they will build a foundation. I still stick by my answer. It is up to you totally! :)

ok I got your point now @

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