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I’ve scored 69.67 in set 1 according to the current official answer key, and although GO’s predicted rank is 64-80.

I still feel that given how many silly mistakes I have made, and my perception of the papers difficulty level, my predicted rank seems too good to be true. 

So I have 3 queries I wish someone (hopefully Arjun sir/gatecse or one of GO’s moderators) could help me with.

  1. What is the probability that all 2021 gate cse toppers have used GO’s rank predictor? (basically can I really expect my rank to come in that range)
  2. If I’m fortunate enough to get such a rank, what are my chances to get direct admission in IIT-B or IISC-B
  3. And whether these colleges are re-opening their campuses for academic year 2021-22 (couldn’t find any news article mentioning anything after a simple google search) or whether as of now we have to assume it will be online :(
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According to Gokulnath, yesteryear IISc admit, IISc is going to resume campus activity from April onwards. So this year classes should be offline. No idea about IIT B, depends on how their govt handles the new corona situation.

IISc is not doing direct admits this year. Even at your rank, there will be a written test by CSA for mtech TA starting this year. There already was one at CDS for their course program. Check the IISc admissions page for more details and join the GO FB group if you can.

Arjun sir says toppers use the GO predictor every year. So I think your rank is a safe possibility, barring answer key changes due to challenges.
I see. Thanks for your reply! I hope there aren’t any changes in the answer key adversely affecting me, and that the predicted normalized rank comes true🤞

Also, although your comment isn’t explicitly mentioning it, I’m assuming i’ll definitely get a chance to write the test for iisc admit IF my rank is under 80.

Anyway I’ll checkout the iisc admissions page and start preparing regardless :P
CDS written test happened, can any information on this and the duration of of test, number of questions and areas, anything?



And @rish-18 see your private chat on GO

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You can get IIT B Direct for sure and maybe IISC CSA
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