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I have some conceptual doubts about MAC address why we need them when we have an IP address and routers know the IP address


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With no MAC address, you would have to maintain and dynamically(?) provide IP  addresses to each node in network. As MAC address are provided by manufacturer, there is no issue of maintainence.


PS: If you have a Name, you identify yourself in the locality. You need to have a SSN, to keep you identified at the Global level.


1 Answer

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1. If node A wanna send packet to node C and as they are in different networks so basically you need an IP Bcz the router doesn't know subnet or network id of that particular node.

2. As I've mentioned earlier, You have an misconception regarding MAC addr only So , in your case if router R1 Wants to send the packet to R2 using MAC address then it can't go to direct R2 Bcz when router R1 will flood the packet it will go to the every router of that network this will create a lot of congestion so it's better to use IP .
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