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Welcome to GATE CSE Doubts, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.
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The importance of previous years’ questions on Gate Exam is very high, most of the question in gate exam revolve around the previous 15 years questions....


These previous years’ question will give us a good understanding of what types of question they will ask in the exam, so we can make our preparation in that direction....


If I revise a subject, I take previous GATE questions and see if I can solve them. If not I revise again. Finally I'll solve them even after 1-2 days….


For ambiguous, confusing, difficult questions solutions might be worth looking. But anyway after maximum 10 questions from a subject- one should know what to expect in GATE from that subject. At this stage one can stop solving....


PS: Never run behind test series......


After completing a subject i solves 15 year pyq if i stuck in any question then i refer to notes. If i have not studied that topic then i looks solution…

This tip is very important specially when very less time is left in your GATE exam. In this time, you should focus only on solving previous year GATE question papers instead of your GATE study material question papers. These question papers (ISRO, DRDO, etc) might have very difficult and challenging problems, but the focus of the GATE exam is on your aptitude, rather than the depth of the subject….


Therefore in my opinion, it’s better to solve last 15 year GATE question papers multiple times rather than solving questions from other material….


If you really want a good rank in GATE, then you should utilize your last month in solving last 15 year papers at least twice. You can easily do this by solving at least one paper a day.

I would suggest you that after getting up in the morning, first of all solve at least one GATE question paper….


While solving the paper, keep in mind that you are sitting in the exam room. You can’t refer any books, notes or solutions and you have just 3 hours time limit.

After that you will be free to spent rest of the day in analyzing the question paper & your mistakes, revising notes and solving solving difficult problems etc…


I would also like to share my own experience which might help people who are working in some company. When I was preparing for my GATE Computer Science 2022 exam, in which I could achieve I used to get up between 4-5 am and then solve at least one question paper before going to office....

Then in free time , I used to analyze the paper & my mistakes and discuss the difficult problems with my friend. Revising of the notes was used to be done by me mostly in evening.…


I hope it will help you in managing your preparation time ….

P.S. If you liked this tip, then I would like to request you to like it and share it with your friends. If possible, you can also share your experience in the comment, which might help other people..…


















Tests by Mentors (Bikram Ballav)

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Data Structure 2

Algorithms 2

Theory of Computation 1

Theory of Computation 2

Compiler Design 1

Database Systems 1

Database Systems 2

Computer Networks

Computer Architecture 1

Computer Architecture 2

Operating Systems 2

GO Tests


GO2017 Aptitude 1

GO2017 Mathematics 1

GO2017 Programming 1

GO2017 Data-Structures 1

GO2017 Algorithms 1

GO2017 Digital Logic 1

GO2017 Operating Systems 1

GO2019-Compiler1: Parsing


Tests By Mentors (Ruturaj Mohanty)

Test by Ruturaj: Mock 1


Applied Course

Tests Applied Course 2019 Mock1


..... Free mock test ......

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Thnx you have done great ☺️ job

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It completely depends on you. The most important use must be for verifying the answers of previous year GATE questions which you must have solved yourself. Then to ask and clear your doubts while reading standard sources. Also, please ask questions as a question and not as a blog post...


This is good that you are tying to prepare your GATE exam for excellent result but if you want to perform better then i suggest you should go for your branch releted books study from it seriously...

I am saying this because GATE is what, GATE is like mixture of all the semesters. So take easy steps gain all the knowledge about the basics. If your basic concept is stronge then you can beat anything...

Many students skip the basic things and start adopting hard things....

They think like "What the hell is this. That's a easy qus ,This qus can't come in examination" and they start reading hardest things. and from my personal experience if your basic knowledge is stronge then you can easily solve are the hardest qus. So try to improve your basic knowledge about any lesson or any subject....


Just check here  , see the questions asked here, also click unanswered tab and questions tab and solve all type of questions you can able to solve , this way you efficiently use GO....


For topic-wise tests click these links : 


For full tests : 

Answers are all discussed in those tests , when you generate the pdf after each test, click the discussion , you will get the exact discussion thread for that particular question....




..... Free mock test ......





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