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Welcome to GATE CSE Doubts, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.
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I have offers for IIT ISM Dhanbad MTech CSE and IIT Bhubaneswar M.Tech CSE. I can also get NIT Trichy M.Tech CSE. My GATE score is 631 and category OBC. I want to pursue my P.hD after M.Tech, so I wish to work on a paper in Cryptography and Network Security. I have no idea and have to start from scratch. Which college will be best in terms of research opportunities and faculty guidance? Please guide me. I have to submit the willingness tomorrow (13/07/2021).
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3 Answers

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IIT ISM Dhanbad MTech CSE ...


Depends upon you whether you want a world class degree or placement.

Regarding Degree status:

1. ISM has a pretty good recognition in most of the Corporate Companies so you will get good preference similar to IITians. 2. You can go for PHD in any IIT and definitely you are recognized. (if you are really in to the research work).

Now coming to CSE or IS

1. if your are looking for a placement in any so called IT companies then either of them are same no difference. (please see placements at ISM for more info if this is what you want.)

2. research point of view again depends on you if you have an idea about what you are doing then don't ask what to do. . If not then go for CSE as its a core branch you will have lot of options in your research work, where as IS will restrict this scope.


1. the thing is you need to do every thing by your self because there are very few staff members who are helpful in research fields.

2. again research scope is limited because you can't work on what you want to do, you should work on what your guide wants you to do. 3. its hard to find a guide who's research field will interest you because they are limited compared to any other colleges.(you will find more than one guide for same research work).

Regarding Placements.



1. you will get a chance to place in top paid companies like amazon, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, lots of startup's ...…


2. if you go for a off-campus drive definitely you will have better chance over other college provided they are not IITians.


1. you get a chance to sit in all companies but you are not preferred if you are not extremely good. 2. if this (placement) is what you want I will go with the previous answer (Take the third option , if you have any ).

Finally .... What I suggest is you guys to decide, But I can grantee if you are from a any regular college you will have a great exposure as ISM follows IIT's path. If you work hard you can achieve what ever you want.... .



This answer focuses on only CSE & CSE-IS dept current scenario-2021 The placements have improved a lot (it was pretty good already).

Placements have improved a lot this year.U hav equal opportunities as Btech.All that u hav to do is to equip yourself accordingly. Almost all top notch companies visit for placement like GS,Amazon,Intel(for internship),Siemens,Microsoft,Samsung,Flipkart……...

The director has got changed recently and he is from IIT Kanpur.He seems supportive. U cant learn much with ur course(i mean the academics-syllabus), but if u keep coding and improving urself from day 1,you will surely get placed with a package like other Top IITs.

You can expect a good growth from IIT dhanbad in upcoming years. Final note:If u work hard,u need not worry about getting placed at IIT Dhanbad.…


M-Tech-in-the-CSE-department-if-placements-is-your-main-concern IIT Dhanbad    

Placements 2021 Highlights Till now the highest CTC of INR 46.2 LPA (International) was offered to the students.

The highest domestic CTC stood at INR 10 LPA.

The overall average CTC stood at INR 10.02 LPA & the median CTC stood at INR 6.43 LPA till now. 60% of the batch got placed till date.

Batch: 2020-2022

Average Work Experience: 16 Years ... 

633 points


IIT Bhubaneswar M.Tech CSE 

During 2021-22

M.Tech placement closes to 60%.

Highest CTCoffered : 39LPA Average

CTC :11 LPA Past

Recruiters: HCL, HPCL, IOCL, ISRO, Ittiam, etc.