Discrete mathematics Kenneth Rosen The foundation logic and proofs page 22 question 4
in Mathematical Logic
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Question : Translate given statement into propositional logic.

 To use the wireless network in the airport you must pay

the daily fee unless you are a subscriber to the service.

Express your answer in terms of w: “You can use the wire-

less network in the airport,” d: “You pay the daily fee,”

and s: “You are a subscriber to the service.”
in Mathematical Logic
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1 Answer

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we write this statement as

“a necessary condition to use the wiireless network in airport is either you pay daily fee or subscribe to the service”.

so we can comapre with this representation of p=>q  is “a necessary condition for p is q” so we say that

w=>(d v s)

here v == disjunction.


thank you
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