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What conclusions can be drawn regarding traffic generated to the main memory for write through and write back if we vary miss rate?

  1. Higher miss rate write through is superior (generates less traffic)

  2. Higher miss rate write back is superior (generates less traffic)

  3. Lower miss rate write through is superior (generates less traffic)

  4. Lower miss rate write back is superior (generates less traffic)

(A). 1, 4 are true

(B). 2, 3 are true

(C). No conclusions can be drawn

(D). Similar performance

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is it B ?
No they've given A. I was thinking what is the effect of cache misses on a single level write through cache? It will always write everything to memory.
0 it generates more traffic as compared to WB cache.

In other words we can say that WB cache generates less traffic as compared to WT cache.

From this we can also conclude that in conditions where miss rates are high we should use WB cache for better performance

.i.e. WB cache should be superior when there are higher miss rates and also it generates less traffic.

So 2 is true.
But bro how write through is superior for low miss rate? Low miss rate means we have a high hit rate. But write through will always write to memory even for hits. So write through should always be inferior.
Yes correct , only 2 should be true

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