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Why is 127.x.x.x range reserved for loopback address? Why can't we just put source address and destination address same? Won't it have the same effect? Then why waste an entire IP range for LOOPBACK ADDRESS?
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I think it is a convention which has been followed .and never changed.

See what would have happened if we would have put the destination and the source address to be the same .to send to the same computer the packet has to go to the default router in the network only to be sent back to the same computer and all the extra work has to be done.

But using loopback address we would not do anything the system will never send a packet with loopback address as it's destination in the the cost assoociated is less.

This may be one reason
You are right, I thought of the same reason, but then, my thought was, convention is to use, then why reserve entire IP range of 127? Isn't that wastage?

Also, if our host can have added circuit to detect loopback, why can't it have a comparator to just check if source address and destination address match or not? Isn't that a better option?

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