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Formula 1
EAT with page fault in demand paging =
Page fault rate * {Effective Access Time without page fault + Page fault service time} + (1 - Page fault rate) * {Effective Access time without page fault}
Effective Access Time without page fault =
Hit ratio of TLB * {Access time of TLB + Access time of main memory}
+ Miss ratio of TLB * {Access time of TLB + (L + 1)* Access time of main memory}
= Number of levels of page table.

Formula 2

TLB hit ratio(TLB AT + MMAT)
TLB miss ratio[ page hit ratio * (TLB AT + 2*MMAT))
                       page fault ratio * (PFST) ]

Can we use both formulas while solving questions ? I am getting confused when to apply which formula. According to me we should always use formula 1.

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Please explain.



I told u , how much I got.

That try with some numerical question.

Otherwise, only theory is not enough for these question.

So much I think.



Please tell me what is difference in these 2 questions and why have you considered page fault in case of TLB hit.

No idea bro, Just stick with the basic formula of paging, all previous year questions are based on that only


yes, no difference

but, one is for single level page table and another 3-level page table. So, some calculation difference will be there.

And where r u getting mistake?

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