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Recent questions tagged context-free-language

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1 answer 10 views
I have a language $L= \{a^nb^nc^m : n, m \ge 0\}$. Now, I wanted to determine whether this language is linear or not. So, I came up with this grammar: $S \rightarrow A\thinspace|\thinspace Sc$ $A \rightarrow aAb \thinspace | \thinspace \lambda$ I'm pretty ... So, I'm unable to find whether the language is linear or not and what goes wrong in above logic with either case. Please help.
asked Sep 11 in Theory of Computation Vimal Patel 199 points 10 views
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1 answer 17 views
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0 answers 8 views
What is the grammar for generating strings like a=b=c? (A) right→leer=right|leer letter→a|b|..|z (B) right→leer=leer letter→a|b|..|z (C) right→leer=leer|leer letter→a|b|..|z (D) right→right=leer|leer letter→a|b|..|z
asked Jul 3 in Compiler Design Dmmodi 50 points 8 views
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