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Recent questions tagged mac-protocol

0 votes
1 answer 9 views
does it generally happens that different hosts at different networks have same mac address or its just rare
asked May 27 in Computer Networks rockeyhandsome 5 points 9 views
2 votes
2 answers 1.2K views
Consider a network using the pure $\text{ALOHA}$ medium access control protocol, where each frame is of length $1,000$ bits. The channel transmission rate is $1$ Mbps ($=10^6$ bits per second). The aggregate number of transmissions across all ... as the average number of frames successfully transmitted per second. The throughput of the network (rounded to the nearest integer) is ______________
asked Feb 18 in Computer Networks Arjun 257 points 1.2K views
0 votes
0 answers 16 views
Suppose the round trip propagation delay for a $10\text{ Mbps}$ Ethernet having $48\text{-bit}$ jamming signal is $46.4\ \mu s$. The minimum frame size is: $94$ $416$ $464$ $512$
asked Apr 18, 2020 in Computer Networks admin 573 points 16 views
1 vote
1 answer 32 views
Consider a simplified time slotted MAC protocol, where each host always has data to send and transmits with probability $p$ = $0.2$ in every slot. There is no backoff and one frame can be transmitted in one slot. If more than one host transmits in the same slot, then the transmissions ... support if each host has to be provided a minimum throughput of $0.16$ frames per time slot? $1$ $2$ $3$ $4$
asked Apr 18, 2020 in Computer Networks admin 573 points 32 views
0 votes
0 answers 10 views
In a TDM medium access control bus LAN, each station is assigned one time slot per cycle for transmission. Assume that the length of each time slot is the time to transmit $100$ $\text{bits}$plus the end-to-end propagation delay. Assume a propagation speed of $2 \times 10^8 m/sec$. The ... be allowed in the LAN so that the throughput of each station can be $2/3$ $\text{Mbps}$is $3$ $5$ $10$ $20$
asked Apr 18, 2020 in Computer Networks admin 573 points 10 views
1 vote
1 answer 14 views
A link has transmission speed of $10^6$ bits/sec. It uses data packets of size $1000$ $\text{bytes}$ each. Assume that the acknowledgment has negligible transmission delay and that its propagation delay is the same as the data propagation delay. Also, assume that the ... $\text{%}$. The value of the one way propagation delay (in milliseconds) is_____.
asked Apr 18, 2020 in Computer Networks admin 573 points 14 views
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