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Welcome to GATE CSE Doubts, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.

Recent activity by asqwer

1 answer 5 views
Big O is for some values of constant 'c>0' and for little o it is for all values of constant 'c>0', now my question is what is the difference between this some c>0 and all values of c>0 mentioned here
commented 7 hours ago in Algorithms 5 views
1 answer 173 views
Consider a hard disk with 16 recording surfaces (0-15) having 16384 cylinders (0-16383) and each cylinder contains 64 sectors (0-63). Data storage capacity in each sector is 512 bytes. Data are organized cylinder-wise and the addressing format is . A file of size 42797 KB is ... is <1200, 9, 40>. What is the cylinder number of the last sector of the file, if it is stored in a contiguous manner?
answered 14 hours ago in Operating System 173 views
1 answer 5 views
Let s and t be two semaphores initialised to 1 and 0, respectively. Two threads T1 and T2 each execute the code shown below. 1: P(s) 2: V(s) 3: P(t) 4: V(t) (i) Does there exist an interleaving for which at least one of the ... Clearly justify your answer. (ii) What change(s) in the initial values assigned to the semaphores will guarantee that both threads will always progress to completion?
commented 14 hours ago in Operating System 5 views
1 answer 6 views
Why Structures can’t have static members? Also if there is a static function in some file and in another file we are trying to use that function using extern then is it accessible?
commented 1 day ago in Programming 6 views
1 answer 4 views
Is global structure a static structure and what do we exactly mean by a static structure?
answered 1 day ago in Programming 4 views
1 answer 5 views
Worst case perform of insertion sort is when its input is reverse sorted . To improve performance we can make an intial check to see if input is reverse sorted and if so,simply reverse the list instead of sorting it. Otherwise ,insertion sort works as before. What is worst case runtime complexity of this modified version? O(1) O(Nlogn) O(N) O(N^2)
answered 1 day ago in Algorithms 5 views
1 answer 5 views
Ans is 16. Can anyone please explain how ? Can we use the pigeonhole principle to solve this problem?
commented 1 day ago in Combinatory 5 views
1 answer 5 views
Is S--> AccB A-->aA/a B-->bB/a a regular grammar according to the type 3 grammar rule i.e, production must be in the form S-->Ax or S-->xA where A is non terminal and x is terminal?
answered 1 day ago in Theory of Computation 5 views
1 answer 4 views
The area of the rectangle increases by 7 sq. units when its breadth alone is increased by 1 unit. Its area increases by 5 sq. unit when its length alone is increased by 1 unit. Find the perimeter of the original rectangle. 17 units 18 units 24 units 36 units
answered 2 days ago in Numerical Ability 4 views
3 answers 22 views
I have offers for IIT ISM Dhanbad MTech CSE and IIT Bhubaneswar M.Tech CSE. I can also get NIT Trichy M.Tech CSE. My GATE score is 631 and category OBC. I want to pursue my P.hD after M.Tech, so I wish to work on a paper in Cryptography and ... college will be best in terms of research opportunities and faculty guidance? Please guide me. I have to submit the willingness tomorrow (13/07/2021).
answered 3 days ago in IISc/IITs 22 views
2 answers 40 views
I am getting IIT Mandi MTech CSE . I have already taken admission at IIIT-Delhi. What to do? How good is IIT Mandi compared to IIIT Delhi?
answered 3 days ago in IISc/IITs 40 views
1 answer 20 views
Can a person with B.E chemical do Mtech in CSE through Gate??Which colleges allow and at what rank??
answered 3 days ago in IISc/IITs 20 views
1 answer 19 views
Consider the following counter. If the initial states of Q0(MSB) and Q1(LSB) are 0. What is the sequence Q0 Q1 given by the following diagram?
answered 3 days ago in Digital Logic 19 views
1 answer 15 views
Redundancy is dangerous as it is a potentiad threat to data integrity consistency sufficiency both 1 and 2 Answer is 4 but why ?
answered 3 days ago in Databases 15 views
2 answers 13 views
Let R be a relation. Which of the following comments about the relation R are correct ? R will necessarily have a composite key if R is in BCNF but not in 4NF If R is in 3NF and if every key of R is simple, then R is in BCNF If R is in BCNF and if R has at least one simple key , then R is in ... and if its every key is simple, then R is in 5NF a) 1 and 4 b) 2 and 3 c) 1, 2 and 3 d) 1, 2, 3 and 4
answered 3 days ago in Databases 13 views
1 answer 14 views
// C++ implementation to find the character in first // string that is present at minimum index in second // string #include <bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; // function to find the minimum index character void printMinIndexChar(string str, string patt) { // ... is present in unordered map or not because it only returns true or false but how can we assign the character inside the if condition.
answered 3 days ago in Programming 14 views
1 answer 11 views
In Master’s theorem T(n) = aT(n/b) + f(n), ‘a’ : Number of subproblems and ‘n/b’ : Size of the subproblem. Now, size of the subproblem can be expressed as ‘n/a’. Why do we need to use ‘b’?
commented 3 days ago in Algorithms 11 views
2 answers 15 views
Hi I need other resource for calculus cause I doing now mitocw David jerison calculus course as I on 10th video I realized this course is way too far for gate exam or psu exams cause this course give detailed proof and solution for every formula for differentiation like ... can follow kreatyrx? Please help me I am very confused ? As I give this week to complete engg maths full please reply fast
answered 4 days ago in Mathematical Logic 15 views
5 answers 216 views
1. 2. 3. ... .in/357918/which-book-should-i-refer-for-linear-algebra-and-calculus 7.
answered 4 days ago in GATE 216 views
2 answers 492 views
Hello I am a third year student. I had been a GATE aspirant since first year of my B Tech. I had strategy of slowly studying the standard textbooks for each subject in depth and then viewing the online video lectures of a so called god father of CSE (I won't name anyone) such that I ... -----------------------------------∓ Thanking you all in anticipation. Looking for some really helping responses
answered 4 days ago in GATE 492 views
2 answers 8 views
The confusion arises as according to the def. continuity exists at a point ‘a’, when LHL, RHL, f(a) is finite and LHL=RHL=f(a).
answered 4 days ago in Mathematical Logic 8 views
2 answers 21 views
void f(int n) { if(n<=1) return; f(n-1); f(n-1); } (1) What is total number of recursive calls in f(n) ? (2) What is total Number of calls f(n) ? (3) What is the complexity of this code ?
answered 4 days ago in Algorithms 21 views
1 answer 10 views
How to prove the following statement is valid with the help of Inference Rules? (P $\wedge$ ( P $\rightarrow$ Q) ) $\rightarrow$ ($\sim$ Q $\vee$ P)
answered 6 days ago in Mathematical Logic 10 views
1 answer 16 views
Two alternative package and are available for processing a database having records. Package requires time units and package requires time units to process records. What is the smallest value of for which package will be preferred over ? nielit2016mar-scientist algorithms asymptotic-notations.
answered Jul 26 in Algorithms 16 views
1 answer 19 views
This question appeared in my university exam 2021. This question is of 2 marks. As, i’m preparing side by side for gate exam too so anyone can help me in this question ?
answered Jul 26 in Theory of Computation 19 views
1 answer 9 views
It's an different question .I have completed all videos and given all subject tests from a popular online course but I have not studied a single standard book. Its not as if I have not tried. I just become very puzzled how to start. Should I start reading from ... study the appropriate topics with that heading only ? For example OS by Galvin. Can anyone just talk to me how I approach this book.
answered Jul 26 in GATE 9 views
1 answer 8 views
In order to reverse the elements of stack of size N, first pop off the elements one by one from the stack and enqueue them into the queue, then dequeue the elements one by one from the queue and push them back onto the stack. What is time complexity of the above operation? $\Theta$ (N) $\Theta$ (N^2) $\Theta$ (N^3) $\Theta$(logN)
answered Jul 26 in DS 8 views
1 answer 106 views
Which of the following sorting methods sorts a given set of items that is already in sorted order or in reverse sorted order with equal speed? A. Heap sort B. Quick sort C. Insertion sort D. Selection sort Why not Merge Sort?
answered Jul 26 in Algorithms 106 views
1 answer 12 views
How many n node binary trees with items 1,2,...,n have identical postorder and inorder traversals? 0 1 n n!
answered Jul 25 in DS 12 views
1 answer 23 views
Find the output of the program int main(void) { int i,j; for(j=i+1,i=1;i<=5;j++,i++) { printf(“%d%d\n”,i,j); } return 0; }
answered Jul 25 in Programming 23 views
0 answers 31 views
Can anyone suggest me any good resource or videos for self studying gate CSE maths and Database.I need to finish them fast... DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Syllabus ER-model. Relational model: relational algebra **, tuple calculus **, SQL. Integrity constraints ... .in/281290/how-do-i-prepare-engineering-mathematics-for-gate-cs
edited Jul 24 in Databases 31 views
0 answers 76 views
GATE Topper Algorithm 1. Check topics from this document 2. Study Them From Any Standard Textbook, Else Go To Nptel 3. Try a couple of simple questions from end chapters to know if you understand basics of that topic 4. Try GATE previous years related questions 5. ... :// 24. 25.
commented Jul 24 in Revision 76 views
0 answers 56 views
Combinatorics and propositional logic : Probability - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. https:/ ... relations, generating functions - Rosen Chapter 6, 8 ...
edited Jul 23 in GATE 56 views
2 answers 40 views
Can anyone give link of PDF of gate CS questions with solutions for the subject Digital Logic only if available. I only need one subject as it is common with Electrical... Digital Logic only if available ... 1. ... V9rs 5.
edited Jul 23 in GATE 40 views
1 answer 161 views
linear-algebra .. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ... . Finding values by Mean Value Theorem. Integration.... .....
edited Jul 23 in GATE 161 views
1 answer 187 views
I am making a list of different types of numericals that can possibly come in GATE from different subjects .. This list is not comprehensive, so please ... ?fbclid=IwAR0ezzTYvJdobF2hXtr3xVNZpZOFtw96yHAywR2_j9BOKGe1mBNSgVUcsvw#9xiori58gq22i 7.
retagged Jul 23 in Others 187 views
2 answers 238 views
The importance of previous years' questions on Gate Exam is very high, most of the question in gate exam revolve around the previous 15 years questions.... These previous years' question will give us a good understanding of what types of question they will ask in the exam, ... (Ruturaj Mohanty) Test by Ruturaj: Mock 1 Applied Course Tests Applied Course 2019 Mock1 ..... Free mock test ......
retagged Jul 23 in Revision 238 views
1 answer 10 views
i study calculus but now i totally confused in calculus cause what is the exact syllabus of calculus for gate cse in integration , so all types of integration i do like multiple integration etc ? please reply as i stuck in between.
answered Jul 23 in Mathematical Logic 10 views
1 answer 28 views
A single phase full bridge inverter bed from 230V DC. is connected to load R = 10 Q & L = 0.03 H. The inverter is operating in 180 square wave mode. The RMS value of fundamental component of output voltage is
commented Jul 23 in Others 28 views
0 answers 29 views
I am getting Mtech in DTU. I wanted to know about the placement statistics for Mtech in DTU. Also, should I prepare for GATE 2022 along with Mtech in DTU or focus on Mtech and try to get good companies?
comment moved Jul 23 in Other Colleges 29 views